The Bureau of Magical Affairs is the agency in the United States government responsible for the enforcement of all regulations concerning 'persons with magical abilities'. The use of magical or other non-mundane abilities against another person for the intent of causing harm physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, or to in any way interfere with the free will of an individual, is expressly forbidden and considered assault, except: 1) the person or persons is an agent of city, county, state, or federal government in the executive branch, or 2) the person is a licensed hunter.

A mundane person can become a registered Private Investigator or become a registered security officer (and thus be able to carry a firearm), and thus apply for such position through the state of residence, but a person with magical ability must be federally licensed as a hunter via the Bureau of Magical Affairs.

There are BMA offices in every major city so that Hunters can renew their licences and those magic user types that require registration can renew registration.