The Flamel Index is the measurement used to determine a person's power.

The Flamel Index was created byNicholas Flamel himself. Since all modern science and magic derives from alchemy, Nicholas Flamel is the grandfather of all modern Science, Technology, and Magic. The modern world would not be what it is without Nicholas Flamel.Edit

Rumors indicate that Nicholas and his wife, Perenelle, are still alive today in seclusion.

Rumors also indicate that the only persons are known to possess the rank SuperMage are a) the Primus of the International Council of Magic , and b) Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel.Edit

The Flamel Index is listed below:Edit

Percentile of World Population and Flamel Index:

2% Mageblind

Flamel Index 0-10

(Cannot see any evidence of any magic, still believe the world is mundane and devoid of magic. Even a therianthrope shapeshifting will be Sombody Else’s Problem to mageblind.)

7% Mundane

Flamel Index 11-45

(Knows magic exists, but has trouble even seeing magical effects, can see a therianthrope shapeshift, but doesn’t see any magic behind it.)

16% Ordinary Flamel Index 46-125

(Knows magic exists, can see magical effects, but doesn’t have enough magic to blow one’s own nose.)

50% Skiller

Flamel Index 126-375

(Knows Magic exists, can see magical effects, but doesn’t have enough magic to be a Therianthrope or a Hedgemage. Can be an animal whisperer if one is already aspected to Therianthropy yet doesn’t have enough power.)

16% Hedgemage / Therianthrope

Flamel Index 376-455

(Low level Mage or Therianthrope. )

7% Mage

Flamel Index 456-490

(Average level Mages, Therianthropes, advanced Skillers.)

2% Great Mage

Flamel Index 491-500

(Highest level of Mages, Therianthropes, and Skillers one can expect to ever see.)

There are only about a few hundred people (out of 7 billion) on Earth with a Flamel Index higher than 500. Those who have a known Flamel Index close to 1000 are limited to Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle, and the members of the International Council of Magic.