The Royal Ministry of Arcane Affairs has been a department of the government of the United Kingdom since 2007. It was created on 9 May 2007 by removing magical registration, testing, and policy from the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice retains all jurisdiction regarding the criminal justice policy, sentencing policy, probation, prisons, and prevention of re-offending of magical persons and acts in England and Wales.Edit
The ministry handles relations between the three devolved governments (the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly Government) and the UK government.Edit
England and WalesEdit
The Ministry of Arcane Affairs does not have responsibility for magical registration, testing, or magical policy in either Scotland or Northern Ireland, only in England and Wales.Edit
In the jurisdiction of England and Wales, the Ministry of Arcane Affairs is responsible for dealing with all applicants to an established Collegium, for providing standards for testing, for the registration of dangerous magical abilities, and for carrying out magical policy.Edit
The magic system in Scotland is independent from that of England and magical registration, testing, and magical policy are the responsibility of the Scottish Government.Edit
Although law in Northern Ireland is a matter 'reserved' to the UK Parliament, it is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Arcane Affairs. The Northern Ireland Magic Service is the Lord Chancellor's department in Northern Ireland[2]; the members of the Northern Ireland Magical Board are appointed by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland; and the Northern Ireland Arcane Service is an executive agency of the Northern Ireland Office.Edit